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PRE- ORDER – Mango – Deep Conditioner


Our deep conditioner is nice and thick and super moisturizing. In addition to mango butter, we have also added melon seed oil.

This ultra light oil does not clog the hair. Your hair gets dirty less quickly and can therefore absorbs moisture well. Furthermore, watermelon oil is good for people who suffer from hair loss. You can also find copper in watermelon oil, which keeps your hair color intact.

Your hair is very vulnerable after washing because your hair cuticles are open. A conditioner ensures that the hair lies down and that the hair is nourished.


Ingredients: Water, Glycerine (plant based), MangoButter, Watermelon seed oil, Jojoba oil, D-phanthenol, Vitamine E oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Emulifying wax and Mango Aroma.

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