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Hi Beautiful

I simply want to share my love for handcrafted hair care products with people. Being a business innovator in the black hair industry I strive to make your journey as fun, healthy and meaningful as it can be. We provide you with natural products that retain the best parts of your hair. You’ll find products that are formulated being worthy to be part of your haircare arsenal.

The Brand

The name “Daffie” is simply a nickname, today it is part of the name of our brand. “Be Proud” stands for embracing the person you are, your natural hair and to be proud to be you. In 2014 we started as a haircare blog. It was devoted to people who love hair care, and being a source of inspiration and information. In the meantime, we have grown to the black hair care brand on many shelves.

Our hair care line has the best exclusive ingredients for your hair, to give your hair the moisture and care it deserves. Healthy hair is hair to be proud of!

Our Founder

Our Values

  • We believe that your journey is in constant development which enables conversations.
  • We believe that exclusive ingredients are meant to be used by special people like you.
  • We believe that haircare is a part of selfcare and selflove, good products need to positively contribute to these two aspects.

Our Goal

Meet our products, our people and contributors. Read and see what they do in action, try them out and let us know what you think. It is nice to meet you, we’re glad you’re here, look around and explore the possibilities of our products.

Yours sincerely,
Team Daffie Be Proud

Why us?

  • Created from natural herbs
  • 100% safe for your hair and skin
  • Authentic formulations
  • Moistures your hair for day

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