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Your Hair Is Not The Issue

A serious discussion

Your hair is not the issue here, but you are! During my own natural hair journey I’ve learned that I can be my hair’s biggest enemy. By forcing it into hairstyles that were never meant for my hair type and manipulating it to my own toxic standards. My hair was never really in top condition.

When I started my own natural hair journey, I wanted a full head of long hair way down to my lower back. As years went by I never reached this hair goal. Although I was advocating for natural hair, I wasn’t really happy with my own. 

This is where I discovered that the way I think about my hair has a huge influence on how I treat my hair. When I decided to let go of certain hair ideals, stopped wanting hair that was not mine and quit trying out every new hyped product,  my hair started to flourish like never before. 

With a great concern for the future of our society I explore ways to contribute to the natural hair community. I believe that the building blocks of a healthy body, mind and society starts with making conscious choices for yourself. This can start with your hair. Your hair is one of your most prominent features. If you care about your hair it could be a daily project you will work on. Because it is so visible, it can become a part of your identity.

During my own hair journey I gained a lot of understanding about my own identity and power. So, I started to share my own natural hair journey, formulating products and offering them to people with hair like me.

Hi, I am Daphne Baloe

Your creative hair therapist

I help people to discover that their hair is not the issue here!

Owner and founder of Daffie Be Proud

Welcome to our blog! Feel free to explore and scroll through our website. Every two weeks we will post a new blog with useful information. So get ready to learn more about (natural) hair!

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