Daffie Be Proud is a personal hair care brand that cares about your overall health. Providing honest information on cosmetic ingredients and the beauty industry is important to us. Therefore we strive to offer the best and safest personal care products in the world.


Currently we sell natural handmade hair products of which the ingredients are easily to find online but also common in nature. Our hair products are great for those who have coily or curly textured hair.


Our scalp carries proximally a 100.000 to 160.000 little ‘hair bags’ (follicles). Out of all this hair bags long chains of proteins appear and are build out of different layers, textures and other biomaterial cells. Due to these elements our products want to take care of it. In our webshop the hair products are available. We take time in each product that we are producing in order to deliver only the best for your hair. All products are handmade, natural and not tested on animals.