Cosmetic society

Do you own any handmade products? If the answer is yes, you help to contribute to a cleaner and greener economy. If the answer is no, please continue reading to learn about to become a cleaner greener you (and a more conscious consumer!).

 It is cheaper and more efficient for businesses to produce products at mass production because it costs less per unit. This is really great from a business perspective, but from a humanitarian and environmental point of view, it’s not. Mass production uses and exploits a huge amount of resources and causes a lot of pollution. Very rarely do all of the products completely sell-out, so a lot of additional waste is created due to the unsold items.

I believe that products for any consumer should be made with genuine love, care, and attention. This is because it’s:

  1. Good for the environment and,

  2. Good for your hair (and body) to use products made with ‘natural’ ingredients

Every product I make gets handled with my devoted love, care, and attention because it’s how I want to create my art. My passion for making my products allows me to express myself and continuously learn how I can contribute to creating an eco-friendlier society.

From an early age, it was clear to me that your appearance has a huge impact on how people perceive you. A lot of beauty products today claim to be able to ‘enhance’ your looks, causing a social pressure on people wanting to change their appearance to conform to what ‘enhanced’ beauty is expecting of them.

It is important to know how we perceive beauty in its whole from the way it is promoted, the products we use and the way that they are produced also.

Through producing handmade natural products, I want to show the current and future generations (and the rest of the world) that in this world not everything has to be mass-produced to bring costs down and that nature does not look smooth and polished as we know it today. I hope my mission and my products teach them to love and appreciate the unique and the imperfect, and I hope to inspire them to be creative.