5 Lessons on protective hair styling


Dry hair leads to hair breaking of, such damage can occur when hair is exposed to dry weather, low humidity, heat and constant manipulation. Protective hair styling is  a technique which can be applied to avoid damage to the hair. It makes sure that the ends of your hair are tucked in as much as possible.
Protective hair styling has been my savior during my own hair journey. But with everything good, there comes bad with it too. Here are 5 lessons I’ve learned when it comes to protective hairstyling.


Lesson 1# To much manipulation
Tight knots, braids, and sleek styles are seen often as or polished look. It may appear to many of us that the hair gets well maintained. However, hairstyles that are tight are not that protective. Keep in mind that the purpose of a protective hairstyle is to make sure that you put your hair to rest and not force it in something it was never meant to be. Too much manipulation can cause your hair to break and therefore stagnate the growth or healing process of your hair and scalp.
Lesson 2# Product overload
When your hair is in a protective style for a while, it is recommended to maintain your hair with leave-on products. Oils creams and other products can be very beneficial to maintain your hair while it is in a protective hairstyle. However ,if these hair products are thick heavy and get applied everyday, it will clump up making your hair heavy and weak. As a result, your hair may break when taking down your protective hairstyle. To avoid this use water daily and/or use a light weighted moisturizer.
Lesson 3# Size does matter
And we are talking about Henkie Penky.  Since braids are the most popular protective hairstyle that is worn worldwide it’s good to know that; The smaller the braid, the higher the chances are that your hair will start to loc. This will not be a problem if you try to start your lock journey. On the counterpart , you don’t want to add too much hair to your own hair. It is a big No-No. Especially if you have thin hair. Medium size braids are often the healthiest option when it comes to adding extensions to your hair.
Lesson 4# You keep the style in way too long
Now , this is not something I’ve ever done. But I know that it happens. Over some period of time, your hair will weakened, shed in chunk or even break off. This happened when hair is not getting cleansed, conditioned or moisturized while the hair is in a protective hairstyle. This can vary from person to person. If you want to achieve great benefit with protective hairstyling, Its recommended to not let the protective style in for longer then 5 weeks.
Lesson 5# Breaks, breaks and breaks
When you choose to protect your hair in whatever style, make sure to give your hair a break from time to time. Your hair will appreciate you more. It will allow your hair to breath and be itself 100% for a moment. You also are likely able to properly wash and condition your hair when it’s out and free.
I think that was it for now. If you have more tips or big lessons you want to share, feel free to contact us or leave a reply. Tjauw!