#5 Hair care tips for the cold weather

The cold weather can take a toll on your tresses. You’re likely to crank up the heating at home, drying out your hair and leaving it crying for moister. Then you leave the house and your hair is in for another temperature shock.

Hair is hydroscopic. This means it absorbs water from the environment. When its warm and humid, there is no problem as your hair can drink in moisture from the atmosphere and rehydrate itself.

But when it gets colder the air is dry, your hair will start to dry up and shrink more than ever.

So,  what can you do to protect your hair when it gets colder?

#1-Keep your head warm

Wear a hat, this is not only good for your hair but your health too. Creating a warm environment will create a little humidity too. You want to imitate a tropical environment for your tresses. This will help to re-hydrate your hair and scalp.

#2-Don’t leave home with wet hair

Especially when it starts to freeze.  Aside from giving yourself a cold, the hair itself could freeze and snap off. So, if you’re heading out early in the morning but you still like to co-wash, try doing it before bedtime to give your hair time to dry before you head outside into the cold.

#3-Don’t use or avoid heat

In the winter when your hair is screaming for moisture, heat will only make the problem 10 times worse. Remember, it’s all about putting the moisture back in to your hair, not stripping away moisture.

#4-Try protective hairstyles

The less stress on your hair at this time of year the better. Some naturals choose to braid up their hair with extensions that last throughout winter, and that is alright. It will protect your hair from the elements outside. Just remember to keep your scalp clean and don’t neglect it just because your hair is in braids.

#5-Treat your hair each week

You should show your hair extra love with a pamper session. A replenishing conditioner could help a lot! It will help your hair to keep up the the cold weather and will help you to retain length.

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