Although we are still very much in the winter season, spring is right around the corner!

Natural hair care during Spring months can feel tricky as you begin the process of moving away from your Winter hair care products and practices. For the last few months, you more than likely spent your time trying to compensate for those harsh, cold winds and indoor heat that stripped your hair of hydration. Your hair care regimen probably revolved around deep conditioners and moisturizing shampoo rituals.

Now that Spring is almost here; it is time to shift your focus. You will now have to compensate for the increased exposure of your hair to the powerful rays of the sun. Sun damage to hair or extreme heat exposure becomes a greater concern for most natural hair mavens. Many of us with natural kinks, coils, and curls tend to shy away from the sun because of all of the bad things that we know can happen with excessive exposure. However, the critical piece of the puzzle we may be overlooking when it comes to sun exposure and the impact it can have on our hair is the adjective “excessive.”

Many naturalistas have an awareness for what will occur if we dare to spend too much time under the sun, but did you know there is a positive side to allowing a bit of sunlight to shine down on your tresses?

Vitamin D for Hair Growth

The sun is a natural source of vitamin D, and our hair thrives on this nutrient. With the proper amount of exposure to sunlight, we can naturally increase the levels of vitamin D within our body and create an environment that supports healthy, natural hair growth.

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Research demonstrates that vitamin D helps to create new follicles, stimulating new hair growth and also helping to improve the overall thickness of our hair. You can find vitamin D also in cod liver.

Hair loss often occurs as the result of various vitamin and mineral deficiencies including that of vitamin D. Studies show that hair loss can be a symptom of vitamin D.  As you can see, it is a fine line that we have to walk when embarking on exposure to the sunlight.

Too much of this good thing can break down our hair proteins and contribute to the loss of hair protein. Natural hair is particularly vulnerable to too much time in the sun due to its structure, density and propensity to coil. When we lose protein, our hair does not fair well. It becomes weaker, losing its elasticity and vibrancy and prone to frizz and dryness.



How Can You Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage during Spring Months?

Remember, some sun exposure is okay for your hair. It is a natural source of vitamin D. Even if you are exposing your hair intermittently to the sun; you will still want to take precautions to protect it during Spring months.

Best Products for Preventing Sun Damage to Your Hair

What are the best products for preventing sun damage? Your hair care ritual will make or break your hair. With this thought in mind, you will need to choose products that will shield your hair shaft from the inadvertent loss of moisture and protein. Look for products that contain the following ingredients:


Shea butter is an excellent natural and affordable natural hair product that you can use to create a protective barrier over your hair against the sun and is fabulous for also helping to treat hair that has existing heat or sun damage.

 Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a fantastic natural sunscreen for hair that can assist in locking in moisture but also providing our kinks and coils with a natural UV protection.

Almond oil and coconut oil is another great resource that not only does an amazing job of protecting your hair from all forms of heat, but they also help to spare your hair from the loss of moisture while helping hair to remain vibrant.

There you have it; vitamin D is a potent nutrient that can contribute to hair growth. Spring is an excellent time of year to give your mane exposure to a natural source of vitamin D –the sun. Intermittent sun exposure will not damage your hair –primarily if you utilize hair care products such as shea butter and other essential oils. Always take precautions when spending time in the sun but don’t feel like you cannot take advantage of the positive results the sun may bring to your hair.

These are just a few tips you should put into practice. Remember moisture and consistency in your hair care regimen is the key to having healthy hair all year long!

Put these solutions into practice today and watch for positive results. If you have more questions or need extra guidance, don’t hesitate to contact our Hair Coaches!