Dry hair is a naturalistas archnemesis. No natural hair diva wants to step out of her front door rocking kinks and coils that feel crunchy or rivals the look of a brillo pad.

The good news is that you have the power to reverse dry hair issues, but getting to the cure may require you to identify the root of your problems. In this blog we will discuss why your hair is dry and how you can probably fix it

Why is My Hair Dry?

Why is my natural hair dry? In your mind, you are doing all the things you should, but, your natural curls are telling another story. Don’t panic just yet. Let’s take a closer look at what might be happening with your tresses.

Here are three reasons your hair may be lacking moisture.

#1 Hair Porosity Mismanagement

One major cause of dry natural hair is using the wrong hair care products for your hair porosity. Hair porosity can make or break your hair; Care of low porosity hair should always include the perfect blend of protein-free products and a protective leave-in conditioner. Meanwhile, high porosity hair demands protein-rich products to restore its structure. Mismanagement of your hair porosity may diminish your hair’s ability to hold moisture.

Solution: Check your hair porosity and use those natural hair products that fit your hair porosity needs.

#2 Environmental Factors

What you do and where you go can affect moisture levels in your hair. Working outdoors beneath the rays of the sun can rob hair of its natural moisture. If you enjoy taking a dip in the pool or ocean during summer months, chlorine and saltwater can strip hair of hydration. Couple this environment with seasonal temperature swings and it’s a recipe for disaster. (I welcome you to the Netherlands my sisters & brothers 🙂 )

Solution: Protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater during summer months by wearing a swim cap and shield it from the sun.  Your shampoo and conditioner regimen will be vital to your success. Use products that are excellent for natural hair and replenishes moisture from root to tip.   

#3 Not Drinking Enough Water

Finally, check your water intake. Are you drinking enough water?  Merely applying products to your curls and scalp will not guarantee your entry into healthy natural hair utopia. Your dietary choices and yes, the amount of water you consume is vital.

Solution: Your daily water intake should be half of your body weight in liters. For example, if you weigh 63 kilos, you should drink 2 liters of water.

Put these solutions into practice today and watch for positive results. If you have more questions or need extra guidance don’t hesitate to contact our Hair Coaches!