Healthy Hair Challenge


Have you ever wondered how it’s possible for other people to grow out their hair long lengths but why it doesn’t work for you?

Are you aware of what product works for you and which don’t?

 What are healthy products to use for your hair and your overall health? 

If you have at least said yes to one of these questions then you are at the right address today!

Who is Daphne?

My Name is Daphne Baloe, better known as Daffie from the Hair Care line Daffie Be proud. I am International business and innovation students who  focuses on new ways of doing business, entrepreneurship and personal development in art.  

I was always fascinated about how our human body work and looked at how our body develops an responds to a range of activities we perform everyday. I was determined to use better products ´so called´ organic or natural products. But the products were expensive.  I could not afford it and then looked at how I can make my own products without all those ´fancy ingredients. This resulted into that not everyone can afford better products.

And that made me think; Well let’s make such products more accessible. I believe that everyone should be able to take care of him or herself with the products that gives you what you need.

I do this by creating products that are based on nutrients that fit the human body, provide support to every consumer and use ancient techniques. I am now producing hair products for coily and curly hair but it also works great for those with silky hair.

Who is Farida?

My name is Farida Eintou. If I have to describe myself I would say I’m a generalist: I’m someone who’s “pretty good” in different fields. As opposed to a specialist (or expert) – a person who has a lot of knowledge and is specialized in his/her field.

I’ve been studying black hair since 2011 and as a result I’ve created a leave-in conditioner called “AfroGold leave-in conditioner”. I was curious to know why kinky textured hair never grew longer or faster than hair from other ethnicities. So I started investigating online, reading books and doing my own experiments. The formula for my natural leave-in conditioner was created there and then and I’ve improved it ever since.

We can relate to the numerous amount of people who are always looking for the right products for their hair. There are a few factors that we incorporate when we are producing or formulating products.Not only do we focus on nurturing, strengthen and loving your hair but also giving you control back on what to use to take care of yourself in the best way possible.

Daffie Be Proud

The heart of our products is mango butter , around  which all other base and properties are harmoniously combined to paint a picture of products designed to tickle your senses, alter your mind and health. They are artistic design and contain nurturing properties. We believe the clearer your body the clearer your mind.

Using products that support and your hair health can bring you to places during the journey you never thought you could and I am not exaggerating.

Using a shampoo that one does not strip your hair from its natural oils is important to use to promote healthy hair growth.

Two making sure that your hair get extra nutrients with a conditioner will make sure that you can maintain the parts that are maybe damage. Three a good protector that will makes sure that your hair gets protected from the elements outside.

Products should contain clarifying ingredients, nutrition and protection for your hair. Never focus on looks. It has distracted many of us to have the perfect desired curl rather than having a healthy curl. The way it should be.


AfroGold Hair Care

Since we’re on this topic of hair growth I’d like to share with you some knowledge about it. I just stated that I was curious to know why afro-kinky textured hair never grew longer or faster than hair from other ethnicities.

This has to do with a couple of important factors. Hair does grow on its own, it doesn’t need any help to do so. But if you notice that your hair growth is going slow, if you’re not gaining enough length over an extended period of time or if your hair is constantly breaking off or falling out, then we need to address where the issue lies.

To produce healthy hair growth you will have to have a hair care regimen. Your hair loves regularity, if it’s being treated in a proper way of course. So washing your hair, deep-conditioning it and moisturizing are key factors to hair growth. Washing on a weekly basis (yes weekly!) is good for your hair because your hair can remain clean during the time of growth.



With that all said..

We want to challenge you to go on with a journey with us , whereby we will provide information on how you can grow your hair in the healthiest way possible.

We did this challenge already and it worked for us an have decided to document our journey, share information and so on.  We do have to put a disclaimer that this challenge has worked for us in the past, and that it may turn out differently for you.

Your hair is changing daily due to that fact that your body is constantly busy with balancing your health. The growth of your hair has to do with a few factors of your lifestyle.

The people who do take better care of themselves will experience this hair growth, some of us need to work harder just because that is the way your body is wired and you have to find a way to accept that, manage that and sustain that.

We do have to mention that this is also a challenge for us and we cannot wait on what the results will be at the end of this challenge. Don’t trust us trust the process and you will not regret it. Is the only promise we can make.

The goal is to grow it another six inches din 6 months.

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