Who is Daffie?

She’s an entrepreneur, daughter, sister, neighbour, colleague, friend and a continuous learner. She was born and raised in the Netherlands, but her roots (not just hair roots!) derive from all over the world!

She is fascinated about the human body and how it functions from head to toe. When she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she used say, “I want to be a scientist consultant with a very successful business!” These were big dreams for a little girl, but are now starting to become a reality.

With a great concern for the future of our society she explores ways to contribute to a brighter tomorrow. She believes that the building blocks of a healthy body, mind and society starts with making healthier choices for yourself. Due to her passion for handicrafts from scratch using essential elements she contributes to a healthy and toxic free society.

Seeing things with a different perspective and always consciously observing her environment has had a great influence in creating the Daffie be Proud brand.

Her learning journey will never stop, her drive to grow stronger and wiser will never end, and by wearing her heart on her sleeve she will never refrain to share her knowledge.


Follow her quest on the blog: //www.Daffiebeproud.com

Hi, I am Daphne Baloe

The experiential hair expert

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